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Thursday, September 4, 2008

To Study or To Play...That is the Question

First of all...I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

Today my sister emailed me and told me update my blog. She wants to know what I've been up to. Ahhhh...what a good big sister.

You might be thinking that I've been such a studious monkey since I've been absent for about a week. I'd like to say I have been good. Alas...I'm still waiting for my textbook to arrive so instead I've done the following:

1) Baked espresso brownies

2) Hiked (and got lost) with pups near Bear Mtn, NY

3) Eaten a ton of spicy chili made by my wonderful husband

4) Made home-made fries for the first time

5) Watched a ton of college football (seriously...Tennessee should have won...arg)

6) Bought way too many books at library book sales

7) Had after-work happy hour drinks with my husband at a new place

8) Watched my husband play GTA

9) Taken our Brooklyn friends through our neighborhood's wooded hills


10) Did some school work. Have you ever heard of SQL? It's fun. Really. You can learn about it here and here, ....I know I am.

P.S. If anyone wants to buy me some studious monkey bookends...well I'd be really grateful.


  1. Those book ends are adorable. Where do you find them?

  2. Yummy, expresso brownies. I always forget that NYC has so many large parks within the city. It just doesn't seem possible with all those roads and tall buildings. But I've never been so its hard for me to picture. How is your reading going for your upcoming trip?

  3. SQL, SQL ... hmm I think I may have used it once or twice! ;-)

  4. Azull - It's funny...I just Googled "studious monkey" and found a couple odd places selling them. The ones I took the picture from and linked to are from I've never heard of that site though so I don't know much about it.

    Bree - I know! Coming from Vegas I thought NYC was very very green. :) We are really lucky to be living next to such gorgeous parks. Sigh...reading has been pretty slack. For some reason I can't get into Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie. Sigh :)

    Dennis - I love your picture. The hat is great!!!

  5. Oooh, those espresso brownies sound delicious.

    You should tell us which books you got!


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