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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Guest Review - The Bestiary

Seconds, well, seconds disappearing before They come back, Them, Those, They that reside within, gone for the time being. Keep up, tolerate short choppy sentences, fragments, brevity.

New book, “Beastiary”, Nicholas Christopher;
Her shelf, creeped title, thin, grab, run, late.

Dog-eared pages, re-read, still pertinent?
Importance, relevance, interesting, provoking, motivating, identify.
Twice, three hundred seven pages.

Read, four days.
Strove to steal extra minutes.
Balanced fiction, driven by plot, point, and what happens next.

!!breathe in!! boy develops fascination with mythological animals based on allegory and family ties that he follows throughout life as a semi mid-upper classed and fortunate individual with limitless capacity for knowledge jealously spending dump-truck loads of hours indulging in research in Timeless European cities putting together the path a tome that does or does not exist has taken since Noah boarded his ark and shut the big wooden doors written by an author that thankfully stops reiterating proper educated past Scholar’s and Adventure’s who searched for this book of beasts have met mostly dire and occasionally deathful circumstances while evolving the character’s love for animals into a more tangible product all without the time-tested and typical thick layer of mush and managing to still tie up subtle unrealized and unrecognized loose ends into a nice, lively, readable and pleasantly enjoyable fictional diversion from the standard murder mystery formulated novels concluding in… !!ah, out of breath…!!

Pages, Dog –eared
Quote: “To be saved from folly, Atlas, you need either kind friends or fierce enemies.” (p65)

Second: much to much to explain here, minutes to go, whistle, train is coming.
Cause and the ripple effect, food chain, extinction, bigger picture is over-whelming,
phrases such as “… spend my life writing postmortems- or obituaries…” and “…human race… animals extinct… dry run.” (all page 130)

Ending, note
Footsteps on the stairs;
gaining volume.
Anxious, apprehensive I have to leave.
I will not fight them tonight.

“Bestiary” not Beastiary... recently realized.

Posted by Reviewer Number Five


  1. I've been eying this one for awhile! Good to hear it left you "breathless."

  2. Looks interesting, but I think that writing style would drive me bonkers within a page or two. Ah well.


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