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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Subway in Style

Often when I take my subway line (the A Line for the curious), I often think...hmmm, why don't they update these cars? I've seen other lines with brand new cars that actually list the stops along the line and other marvelous wonders. I mean, these cars just seem a bit outdated:
But then I came the realization. Ohhhh!! They are just waiting for this to come back in style and people will flock to ride the "retro" cars.

So now I'm just waiting....


  1. Oh, boy... I'm terrified of the trains on the 8th Ave. line because of this "look." How is it that one of the youngest subway lines in the city has some of the oldest cars? And how about the subway stations? They need a facelift, too.

  2. One can only hope that that is the reasoning behind it! But when I think of the MTA, the phrase "hip trendsetters" doesn't exactly jump to mind :lol:

    But the Transit Museum in Brooklyn is actually worth visiting. They have authentic old subway cars, from the 20s, and 30s, etc. Now those are retro!

  3. If it didn't look like that, I wouldn't recognize it as a New York subway car! ;-)

  4. Katherine -- These "retro" cars on other lines like the Orange line too. They just crack me up. I was appalled by the stations here when I first saw them. But I guess that's what we get with a subway system that (usually) runs 24/7.

    Artmodel -- Yes! I've heard great things about the Transit Museum and have been wanting to go there. Thanks!

    Andi and Dennis -- Thanks for stopping by :)


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