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Friday, September 5, 2008

Good Music Good Food

As summer wraps up I am starting to read less and get a bit ansy. I know it will go away once fall and winter set in. There is nothing better than curling up at a favorite coffee shop, watching the snow flakes wisk around outside, and read a book.

So I will try and post some of the fun NYC things we've been doing in the meantime.

A few weekends ago my husband and I met a couple friends out and headed to the Blues BBQ which was at Pier 54 and W. 14th Street. It was fun walking past some of the old meat packing district shops. As it was a hot and sunny day, I couldn't imagine the place as it was back then...all stinky with butcher shops. Now they are all designer clothing shops and funky little bars and clubs. But it's got a great old-time industrial feel for it. Here's the entrance to the pier and Blues BBQ fest:
Up and down the pier there were stand selling yummy smelling BBQ. There were stands for the following yummy NYC BBQ joints: Brother Jimmy’s BBQ, Dallas Jones Bar-B-Que, Dinosaur Bar B Que and Mara’s Homemade. Here's us standing in line for the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. I love the guy sharpening and cleaning his huge knife:
Mmmm....and here's our haul. The ribs were my husband's while the brisket sandwich was mine.
It was a beautiful night and I loved watching the colors change as the sun went down.
And I had to get a picture of the pig hanging in this stand. Don't worry it wasn't a real pig:
With our bellies full and satiated we maneuvered up to the stage and sat and watched an awesome performance from the Alexis P. Suter Band. Boy she can wail and put on a good performance. She had the whole crowd riled up and clapping (some dancing) along.

I snapped one last picture before we headed home. That's the Empire State Building all lit up in the background.
Hope you enjoyed our little BBQ/Blues fest! For other good NYC BBQ events, check out my post on the Big Apple BBQ.


  1. I love fall and winter, but somehow the end of summer always leaves me feeling a bit meh. You're not alone.

    Lovely pictures, especially the sunset :)

  2. I love it when you put up pictures of the city!! It's my goal to live there someday (but only in the summer, as I refuse to live anywhere colder than Kansas!)

  3. Beautiful pictures!! Oh, and you really need to get to Nashville (or better yet - Memphis), and try some TASTY BBQ!!!

  4. The ribs look good. We had a Dinosaur Barbecue in Syracuse but we never went to it. We should've, it was just around the corner from the Arthur Murray, so we were there often enough!


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