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Friday, September 12, 2008

NYC - Scary?

I think my mom and sister worry sometimes that NYC might be unsafe. I mean I guess NYC is known sometimes for pick pockets, apartment break-ins, etc. But really, I don't feel unsafe.

Wait. That's not true.

These things scare me:
Well not the orange cone thing exactly but the idea that every once in a while (a lot actually) pressure needs to be released. Or something like this happens. I remember it happening last year! And that wasn't the first (or last) time that will happen. Scary huh?

Ok, but in a city of millions what's the odds?

A few months ago my husband took the dogs out for their morning walk and I was eating breakfast in the kitchen when I heard a loud BANG. I assumed it was someone tossing something heavy into one of those huge garbage bins. I kept eating and reading until I noticed red flashing lights. "Uh oh" I thought. But a few minutes later my husband comes back with the dogs.

Apparently a manhole on our street blew from a steam explosion and took out the back end of a car that was near it and then hit the apartment next to ours and chipped some brick. This was just a minute or so after my husband and the pups had walked by. I was so relieved they were ok. What's the odds???

And that's on top of the whole dog electrocution thing with manholes. Maybe it was a small dog you say? People could get electrocuted too!

So mom, sis...I think I can take care of myself. But these people...get your act together. Please.


  1. Yikes, that is scary! I'd never really even considered the possibility of a steam explosion before.

    The only times I've ever been the victim of a crime, it's been in very "safe" places. I was in Colombia for a month (dangerous, right?). Nothing happened the entire time. I visited my mom in Seattle and my purse was stolen in in the San Juan Islands (probably one of the safest places, as crime stats go). Go figure!

  2. wow, yeah I dont like the looks of that. I can't even walk on the crated steel that are on the sidewalks, they freak me out. Mostly due to my fear of heights, but also cuz the ninja turtles could be down there!

  3. And the cranes. Watch out for the collapsing cranes!


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