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Friday, September 12, 2008

NYC Pizza

We have a great neighborhod pizza place called Grandpa's and I love love their pizza. We really have to watch how much we eat. You can get it by the slice or a whole pizza. And we love getting it "Brooklyn" style where they cut it in large slices, thin crust, and you fold the pizza in half to eat it. Mmmm. Here's a photo of one of their mozzarella and basil pizzas:
*Note: I didn't have breakfast this morning so I am starving (not literally) and waiting for lunch. Thus the food post.

*Another note: For more NYC pizza joints, check out Slices of the City blog


  1. New York pizza!!!! It is hard to find decent pizza out here in California, but after six years we've finally tracked down a couple of places that we New York eye-talians find acceptable.

  2. Wow that looks good! Pizza was one of the best things about living in NY. And cheesecake. And hot pastrami sandwiches. ;-)


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