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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Birds of a Feather

It's not unusual to see rats in the subway. Usually they are on the tracks. A few are even kind of cute...more mouse-ish looking. I've even seen one bird flying around in one stop. I'm not sure how it got down there. But this morning, my husband saw this:
Yeah that's right. He said a guy came in with it and let it down and it started walking around.

Now I've never seen a parrot on the subway. A couple days ago I did see a man with a two foot single green feather sticking straight up from his hat and a purple suit. But a parrot? That's just weird.


  1. I'm having a You've Got Mail flashback where Meg Ryan's character saw a butterfly in a subway car.

  2. So ... you saw the Joker on the subway? ;-)

  3. I've been to NYC several times and I am truly disappointed to say that I have never seen a rat. I've seen people pissing in the street nearly every visit I've made, but no rats. How odd is that?

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