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Monday, September 8, 2008

The River King - Alice Hoffman

Since I've been slightly slacking on reading books lately, I am going to post a few reviews of some of the books I've forgotten to blog about. And this one is a big oops because I absolutely loved it. I seriously checked and rechecked my blog to make sure and nope! It's one of those books I almost missed my subway stop for...a real nose-in-the-book type of read. I was lucky to find it on the freebie shelf in our apartment's basement so thank you whoever left it there! Here we go...

The River King by Alice Hoffman takes place in Hadden, Massachusetts where the town is divided between "townies" and the fancy prep school which is located there. Don't let the first few pages throw you off. She lays the ground-work, setting the stage by describing the town, the school, the weather...and it works. Keep reading.

Soon you are introduced to a cast of characters which includes new students, teachers, townies, policemen, etc. The story culminates with the death of a student at the school by drowning. Was it suicide or foul play?

Ok, up to this point the whole story doesn't sound too original. But Alice Hoffman makes it unique. She definitely knows Massachusets and by the time I finished the last page I felt drenched, squishy, watery, fishy. It's magical but in that weird kind that you almost believe that it could happen...why not?

So it's part mystery, love story, magical, tragic, and hopeful all at the same time.

Oh...and I had no clue they made a movie in 2005. I'm going to have to rent that one. Has anyone seen it?

And thanks to Lost in a Good Story which reminded me I needed to review it.

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  1. I have only read one of her novels and adored it. I have three more on my shelves just waiting for me to find time to read them. I think she is someone whose whole back catalogue I could fall in love with. This certainly sounds like a great book, good enough to nearly make you miss your stop is always a great recommendation!

  2. I didn't know this was a movie (um, or a book). I've only read one book by her, Here on Earth, and I didn't care for it all that much. Everyone else seems to really like her, so eventually I'll pick something else up by her. I did see the movie Practical Magic and really liked it.


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