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Thursday, August 28, 2008

ESPN Zoning Out

I've been a bit lax this week updating my blog. I'm currently pouring through Anton Checkov's The Steppe and Other Stories (good so far!) and have almost given up on Saul Bellow's Humboldt's Gift. Sigh. Might have to make my husband read that one...he might actually understand it.

In the meantime, school started up again this Monday. But the good news is I'm only taking one class. Woohoo! Which means one class next semester with my Capstone test/class and I'm done! And then off to find a real job in my field....eeek! And then that fun conundrum of getting paid less to work more. The odd things we want in life, huh?

But tonight...does anyone know what tonight is? For all those college football fans out there...tonight is the first night of college football games! For the last week or two we've been seeing the Columbia University football team practicing...their stadium is just down the street from us. It's been getting us very antsy for football to start up. Our team, Auburn, doesn't play tonight and we'll have to wait for Saturday...but it's still great to get out there and get all revved up.

Last year we hung out at the ESPN Zone in Times Square and had a ball and met some fun fans. Tonight...the Giants vs the Patriots are on...think we'll skip that madness. So I'll let you know where we decide to go.

For new readers, you can always flashback to my third post on this blog back in October of 2007. And don't worry...our tickets are booked for our annual trip to Auburn, Alabama so I'll definitely be taking photos. WAR EAGLE!!!

And just for fun, here's a bit of flashback to my first Auburn game with the hubby in 2006.

At Toomers Corner - where they TP the whole corner if they win. Obviously we were at a winning game. For those of you might was when Auburn beat the Florida Gators in 2006:

Outside the stadium and in the middle of college football madness:
And by the AU sign:
I hope all of you are enjoying the wind-down of summer and the kick-up of fall...what ever your interests are.


  1. War Eagle!

    I haven't been back since 1999. I'm due.

  2. I'll be driving right by Auburn on Saturday heading to Lake Martin. I will wave for you! :-)

  3. I don't pay any attention to football, but orange is my favorite color so I'll root for your team! ;-)

  4. We lived in Auburn for 8 years (1999 to 2007) and now we live close to Clemson, but we're huge Virginia Tech fans. We follow lots of schools, though, including Auburn. Our TV is all football all Saturday in the fall.

  5. We're pretty excited here at work because we get to wear our favorite sports team shirt (it is casual Friday--but this is a bit of stretch). My husband and I went to rival schools (Texas A&M and Texas Tech), so it gets pretty interesting, but like you I'm excited for football season to start!

  6. thanks for your comments on my Friday Finds post. I'm hoping to get reviews of Redeeming Love and Spiderwick books vs. movies this week ... but we'll see how successful I am!

  7. Only one class left! I'm totally jealous! What will your degree be in?

  8. Thanks for your comments! You know, we live in Queens and have not made it to the Czech Beer Garden ourselves. We should try to do that before summer is completely over! My husband in the big sports guy so he keeps me up to date on everything.

    I can totally relate to school. I decided to go back so I am taking 2-3 creative courses while working part-time. It is going to be a little busy but it will lead to long-term goals.

    Good luck with finding that 'real' job. Life is funny but I think if you can find something you really enjoy...all that other stuff falls into place somehow.


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