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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mamajuana Rum

A new thing we are getting used to here in New York is getting paid on non-Fridays. I get paid the 15th and the 31st. So to celebrate a pay day (my first official non-temping paycheck), we went out to eat last night. I had read an article in the New York Times about a little Dominican place off Dyckman Street and we decided to check it out. It's called Mamajuana Cafe. Mamajuana (from the website) is apparently a mixture of rum, herbs, honey, and spices and is supposed to have been some concoction that produces miracles. What kind of miracles I'm not sure, but their Mamajuana Mojito was delicious! We didn't get an actual meal but got about three tapas (appetizers) which were all very yummy. Here's some photos from their website:

Mamajuana Rum

Mamajuana Cafe

Whale of a Tale

Since I have a little time on my hands at the computer at work, I've decided to read Moby Dick. It's been on my list of "To-Reads" for so long that I decided to buckle down and read it. I was first interested in reading it when I read an excerpt of Bartleby the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street which I still want to read all the way through. I've been on this "adventure" book kick so I decided to check it out. Amazingly, Herman Melville had a sense of humor.

For instance, the main character Ishmael states:

"and especially whenever my hypos get such an upper hand of me, that it requires a strong moral principle to prevent me from deliberately stepping into the street, and methodically knocking people's hats off -- then, I account it high time to get to sea as soon as I can."

Hahahaha...he sounds like my husband on a rainy day with people's umbrellas :)

Oh! And good tip...many older books are past their copyrights...and are thus free online. If you ever get an inkling to check out a classic, here are some great places to find them:

My absolute favorite - Project Gutenberg
Online Books Page
The Internet Public Library
Classic Authors
Digital Book Index

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Light My Fire

Here's number 5,554th reason why I love Google and the Internet. Since moving into our apartment this summer, our gas stove has not been turned on. Mind you the burners are, but the oven has not. It's a great frustration to me because if I cook, it is so much nicer to prepare something, throw it in the oven, and forty minutes later voila! Anyway...Sunday night I had just about had it and so we Google'd how to light a pilot light on a gas stove and we figured it out. Our first meal was frozen pizza.....I guess you have to start somewhere :)

A Walk in the Park

My sister has become an avid reader of my blog. I think it's super cute. So today I got a chastizing email saying that I haven't posted anything lately and if I had fallen off the face of the earth. So here you go sis :)

This weekend was pretty slow. It decided to dump buckets of rain Friday and Saturday so we were stuck at home Saturday contemplating going out but then just taking naps instead :) So Sunday we decided to get motivated and went on a three hour walk with the puppies and our New York friend. Our trip took us up through Inwood Hill park, along the Hudson River, past Fort Tryon Park, to Fort Washington Park, back through Fort Tryon Park and home.

Things I saw and/or did:

1) Partially sunken sail boat (not toy)
2) Make-shift bed consisting of mattress, umbrella, and fallen log as a ceiling
3) Train tracks (that we ran over for a few terrified and dragging Charlie)
4) Red lighthouse

So I was still too terrified from running on the Amtrak tracks to take photos of anything but the last item. I seriously had to contemplate what I would do if a train to the other side or stay, grab hold of the fence, and hope Charlie and I were not blown under the train. Robb thought I was silly...well slightly silly.

So here's my photos:

Red leaves with George Washington Bridge in the background:

The bridge again:

Tired puppies (Anna's licking her nose):

The little red lighthouse:

Our friend enjoying the view:

Oh what a pretty day:

Friday, October 26, 2007

Split Ends

What's even more terrifying than trying to find a doctor or a dentist in New York City? Finding a good/non-arm-and-a-limb taking salon. So I am branching out tonight and going to try to find one. Currently my hair is pretty long. I'm thinking about going to about my collar bone. Slightly terrified. Wish me luck!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Make Me Happy

It is a goal of mine that once I finish graduate school I can settle down and start cooking again. start cooking. I guess I shouldn't lie on my blog ;)

So one of my first goals is to make tiramisu. Ok ok...that's not cooking but baking, but I have to start somewhere. I've always liked baking, but with just two of tended to be a little dangerous (i.e. Robb and me and a whole dish of brownies). So as a special hurrah for me and Robb, I want to whip up a delicious dessert of tiramisu.

Robb and I have a special affinity for tiramisu. Whenever we go out to eat and see it on the menu, we share a slice. It's the prefect after dinner dessert. Coffee and rum soaked ladyfingers with mascarpone cheese, espresso and cocoa...mmmmmm. Tiramisu was actually our wedding cake. Since we had a very small wedding and many of our friends and family either didn't like cake or couldn't eat it...Robb and I shared a slice of tiramisu. I just found out that "tiramisu" means "pick-me-up" in Italian...or "make-me-happy". I think that's the perfect dessert for a wedding :)

Family Days

So I definitely watch more TV now that I can tape the shows :) My third tv show I love to watch (after Ugly Betty and Pushing Daisies) is called Brothers and Sisters. It comes on Sunday nights and I'm slightly addicted. It's great because the family dynamics are so real. Robb doesn't think so but then again he has no brothers or sisters...although I'm pretty sure he doesn't think he missed out on anything :) I love that families always have that love/hate relationship thing going and it reminds me that I do sometimes (and sometimes more often) miss mine.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The River of Doubt - Candice Millard

Book Blog

Inquiring minds need to know :) My new book pick is Candice Millard's book, Theodore Roosevelt's Darkest Journey: The River of Doubt. It is quite an interesting read so far. The synopsis is this:

After Teddy Roosevelt's ran for President for the third time and finally lost in 1912, he embarks on trip down an uncharted tributary of the Amazon, actually once named the River of Doubt. He embarked on the journey partly to get away from his defeat and partly for the sense of adventure. So far, Millard's writing is beautifully done. It is all historically based but reads like a novel. I love that she quotes them in their own words taken from letters, etc. She went into a lot of research to write it all up and I love when the author includes photos so you can get a picture of what the characters looked like. I'll let you know what I think when I finish :)

Monday, October 22, 2007

First Day But Seems Longer

Today is my "first" day as an official worker for my company. I've been working here for a month as a temp and they hired me permanently. So today I had orientation, filled out a bunch and ton of forms, and even got a swanky duffel bag :) I am happy because now I have my own email, log in name, etc. Very nice! Benefits start day one. Funny how things like "insurance" and "benefits" are super important as we get older. Oh...and interesting thing to remember. New York City sidewalks and high heeled shoes should never ever go together. Do you know how hard it is to walk, not bump into people, not step into something gross, dodge cars and street vendors, and NOT walk on a grate on the sidewalk? Virtually impossible. I will remember to wear my flats next time :)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Feeling like Fall?

So this weekend has been absolutely gorgeous here in New York City. It is super warm (seventies) and the trees are still pretty much all green. I was bummed because since I worked ten hour days last week...I was swamped this weekend with homework. But Robb and I did get out today and took a nice long walk around the parks near our apartment. We took the dogs and Robb took his long board. He was super excited because he said it's like snowboarding without the snow. I took my camera (I usually forget) and got some good shots of the walk. Enjoy :)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Foggy Day

Here's the photos from my office window on loved the fog :)

This is the Waldorff-Astoria Hotel:

Just a foggy day photo:

Oh...and here's what I can see on a clear day:

The Empire State Building :)

The Hood

It's about time I loaded some photos up from my camera and posted a few. Here are a few photos from the park near our apartment...which is why we love love love our neighborhood. It's kind of a little secret here in New York, so we are trying to keep it on the down low so people don't move in and drive up the rates. And yes...we are in Manhattan on the island. These were taken a few weeks ago...enjoy!

Friday, October 19, 2007

East Side Hopping

Well, tonight I am getting off from work and Robb's meeting me over here on East Mid-town and we are going to find some new place with a good happy hour (wish us luck) :) It has been dumping rain all day - thus me procrastinating and not going to the bank - and I have been enjoying taking photos of the clouds covering the skyscrapers from the 29th floor. I love seeing the clouds roll by my window :) My co-workers probably think I'm nuts for taking pictures...but they are all super nice about me not being from New York City...most people really aren't "from" here anyway. I'll post the photos because tonight it's "movie and date" night...think we are going to pick up some sushi...we got edamame (salty soybeans...seriously they are yummy) and some salad and chicken thing. We are either going to see Vacancy or I may convince him to see Bladerunner. They just revamped it and I missed seeing it on the big screen here in NYC. Arg.

Beer Goggles

How come I am not surprised someone invented beer goggles. I'm just a little surprised it took them so long :)

Into the Wild - Jon Krakauer

Book Blog

I just finished Into the Wild and I have to say that it was much much better than I had anticipated. The book is basically a speculation on the last few years of Chris McCandless's life. If you don't know anything about this book, Chris McCandless was found dead by starvation in an abandoned bus in Alaska (about 25 miles from the nearby town of Healy) in 1992. He was in his twenties, college educated, and was apparently trying to prove something to himself.

I really didn't want to read this book at first for various reasons. My family has lived in Colorado, Alaska, and Nevada among other places and my parents were and are extremely active. My mom and dad hiked roughly forty to fifty of the fifty-three fourteeners . My dad and mom taught us to always be matter what. I would go hiking with my mom on a short couple hour hike and she would ALWAYS bring a backpack with water bottles, snacks, first aid kit, etc.

Living in Alaska (Fairbanks and Anchorage) taught me to never underestimate nature. So of course, like many other Alaskans, I saw Chris McCandless to be reckless and unprepared. However, the book was very well written and did not excuse Chris McCandless's behavior but tried to see what motivated him to try to eek it out in the wild. There are some theories that it was a rift with his father that caused him to try and prove himself. Another theory states that because he was very smart and gifted that he seriously believed he would accomplish his goal and did not see the recklessness of his behavior.

I actually immersed myself in the book and can understand the fascination with this man. Is he a hero/role model or reckless and naive? I am nervous that the upcoming movie will promote the hero aspect and a lot of copycats who will un-necessarily risk their life and maybe others. But perhaps it will do the opposite and show people that there is never a point in our lives where we are immortal and invincible.

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Fyrefly's Book Blog

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Daisy Days

Our New York friend, who lives nearby, and I love this new show called Pushing Daisies. If you haven't watched it or haven't heard of it, the show is about a guy who has this "gift" of being able to bring dead things alive with a touch. However, if he touches them again they will go back to being dead. It's an odd concept but the show is fabulously funny. I love its dark humor. But the show is so bright...tons of primary colors, quirky funny characters, and I love that the clothes are from an odd era...maybe the sixties? he came over and cooked us dinner, I bought the wine, and we watched the show. Amazing how much more TV I watch now that we have DVR. The show is on at eight and we didn't get around to watching it until about 9:30. He cooked an amazing concoction of ginger chicken with red pepper flakes and cayene pepper over jasmine rice, broccoli, and sauted onions. Mmmm. Super spicy which I LOVE! Oh...and the wine I got is from Chile called Santa Rita six buck wine I've tasted....if you find it try it :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


So I have two news items to post:

1) My best friend from high school just found out her baby (due around my birthday in March) is a boy! I'm super excited and will probably buy her way too much baby stuff...Bamboosa here I come.

2) My allergies were insanely bad yesterday so they let me leave work a little early so I could go home and crash. I slept for about an hour and a half and then took some Nyquil and went to bed early. So no exercises for me. :( I feel silly. But I am on schedule to do them tonight.

Some Win, Some Lose

Book Blog

I just finished reading The Fall of Troy by Peter Ackroyd. I thought I would love it because it is about a ficitonal archeaological dig of what the archaeologists believe is the ancient city of Troy. It takes place around the turn of the century (20th century). However, the book just didn't grab me. It wasn't so bad that I didn't finish it though. The main archaeologist is overbearing and talks so so much in ways that I don't think people really talk, quoting Homer's Odyssey all the time. I guess if I had ever read the Odyssey, not just excerpts, it might have made more sense. The book begins with the archaeologist marrying Sophia in Greece. It was a marriage arranged by her parents and not for love. So of course, like the story of Troy, there is a triangle between the archaeologist, Sophia, and an English guy. It sounds like it should be good, but somehow the story-telling just falls flat.

Onward....I am now reading Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer. My husband has liked this book for years and they just came out with a movie. I thought since I will probably be dragged to the movie, I should read the book first. Robb and I both don't like when people glamorize stupidity. My husband said that the book does a better job of telling Christopher McCandless's story while the movie looks like it glamorizes it all. I'll let you know what I think :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

To Workout or To Not Workout

That is the question. I tend to procrastinate on many things. Right now with moving to a new place, walking the dogs (moot and poot), doing grad school, cleaning, cooking (yeah right), working out, working full-time (this week ten hour days), AND trying to find quality time with the hubby...I find I have given up on running and working out. So I've decided that I need to be held accountable. So tonight I will:

A) Walk the dogs
B) Do Pilates (the photo above is my pilates matt - from GAIAM)
C) Do homework

In that order. I will report back either tonight or tomorrow morning on my progress. Oh...and this is my salute to my friend in Vegas who just ran a Marathon in California last Sunday, coming in at around 4 hours and 10 minutes :)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Fairytale in New York

Thinking green today reminded me of this photo I took while Robb and I were walking across Central Park in late July. We were crossing the park to get from the West side, where we were shopping, to the East side to catch the Metro North train back to our neighborhood. NYC terms:

A) East & West refers to either East of Central Park or West of Central Park
B) We usually take the subway (called a train) except on the weekend when our train doesn't run Express (meaning it skips a lot of stops we don't need), then we take the Metro North (an actual train but you don't call it a train you call it Metro North). Confused yet?

Anyhow...I saw this bridge and it contrasted so well with the greenery behind it, it seemed like a little fairyland. With much ado, the photo:

If you were a celebrity...?

My husband is probably going to kill me if he ever read this, but he is slightly addicted to celebrity gossip. It's kinda funny and cute. I mean, I guess we all kind of get sucked into celebrity gossip...for instance, how many people know the names of Angelina and Brad's kids? But I found a site that is at least a little more uplifting than some of those celeb sites...Ecorazzi: The latest in green gossip . Instead of finding out about who's in rehab or who's going to jail, this site gives you the juicy green gossip.

Bamboosa Babies

During the last year or so it seems like everyone I know is having a baby. My best friend from high school is having one in March...I told her try for March birthday :) A friend from way back in the day just had a beautiful little baby boy. A good friend who is now living in Virginia is about to pop any day now and a co-worker from Vegas days should be having her little boy any day now. Needless to say I've stocked up on "It's a boy!" and "It's a girl!" "Congratulations!!" type of cards. So naturally I've found a pretty cool eco-site which caters to all these new bundles of joy. It's called Bamboosa. For those not in the know, Bamboo is an exeptional plant. You can make bamboo hard wood floors, bamboo cutting boards, furniture, paper, and even clothing. The great thing about bamboo, though, is that it is:

A) Naturally anti-microbial (which means no chemical treatment)
B) Super fast-growing (think four years compared to 25-70 for other trees)
C) Super renewable and sustainable because of it's growth rate
D) Super duper soft...seriously soft

The little BamboosaBaby gift sets are perfect and come in the prettiest shades of pink, blue, or natural. And they are so soft! And in case you or your friends and family don't have little ones on the way...there are a few items you can splurge on yourself :)

Go GAIAM Shopping!

Don't ask me how I first found GAIAM, but I am slightly addicted to this store. I am dying to buy some of their sheets...sigh. I have bought a skirt from them which I LOVE. I recently found GAIAM because they do Yoga and Pilates DVDs, mats, etc. I bought a mat and a couple DVDs and am thoroughly enjoying them. They are kicking my butt though :)

A Lime a Day

Another wonderful site I've recently discovered is Lime: Healthy Living with a Twist. I originally found the site because the site's community has pledged to start walking for a better world. You can post your blogs on the site of how/why you walked instead of drove and it's kind of a wonderful idea. I just noticed that the site is run by GAIAM, which I've discovered because I am trying to learn Yoga and Pilates. Learn more about GAIAM in my next post :) Lime has many wonderful aspects. I signed up for their newsletter via email and it's pretty darn good. If you have an iPod, check out their podcasts, especially the meditation rooms. Very wonderful. There's Lime TV, which is amazing. You could spend hours lost at that section. Also, Lime Local gives me tons of good places to go in New York City. Check it out and let me know how you like it :)

Care to Care

Back in the day when I was a fairly new internet peruser, I found a site called Care2. It's a great little community site with members who all care about something...the environment, human rights, animal rights, etc. I love love the click to donate area. I try and remember to go to the site and click (you are allowed one click per day). There's a wonderful place to sign petitions, create petitions, and make a difference. Believe me, it actually works. Petitions I have signed have made a difference. I love the group sites...I actually made one myself...but you can join groups for just about every thing. I joined a book lovers type of one and even joined a bookclub! I've signed up for some of the green living tips...check out their recipes...mmmm...and their homemade organic beauty tips. love the site.

Action for Eco

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

Today is Blog Action Day and I am going to join in. Throughout the day, I will post random Green thoughts. They could be about websites I frequent, products I use, tips I have found, etc. Don't worry, this won't be the first or last green blog I will post.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Green Times

So I am a big believer in recycling. It just makes sense. It's just silly not to. Now my husband is a super green guy. I mean he made my recycling efforts look pitiful. I loved it. I learn so much from him. He also knows all about sustainable design...insanely cool stuff. So from time to time I may post stuff about being green. Now I'm no hippy, I don't think that we are all going to melt and die within ten years...but I think that we do have a responsibility to do the right thing. I mean it's just common sense! So if you have just a inkling of curiosity...check out Ideal Bite. Sign up for a newsletter and it's a fun and easy way to start thinking green. They also have newsletters specific to some cities. I signed up for the New York one as well. Give it a try!

Working Girl

So I am officially (well, starting October 22nd) a working girl. I've been full-time temping with a company that is awesome and everyone is so friendly. So I've been offered a job here and I took it. Right now I'm a receptionist, but the pay is super great, great benefits that start day one, AND I can do homework when it's slow. How great is that!!! Robb took me out to Guadalupe Restaurant in our becoming an all-time favorite. Delicious food...I had the enchildada with mole sauce...mmm. And they have these great rum, sugar, and pureed so good.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Pole's Like Gold

I have am starting to get my commute to work down pat. I only have to transfer once...the A to the E. The E is mad packed in the mornings. We all cram so much into the train cars that often there are masses of people left behind waiting for the next one to come. I have so far been left behind twice. It really gives me a new meaning to the phrase "when push comes to shove". So forget about a seat...those are long long gone. What you desire is the pole or the ceiling railings. Often we are crammed so much that you are left without anything to hold on to. I've held onto lights, ceilings (when I can reach it), and even had to balance for a few stops (I do not recommend this at all). And never never hold on to the air will get tons of black stuff on your hands.

Sweet Suite

Book Blog

So an odd thing happened. My sister (who lives in Alaska) and I happened to be reading the same book at the same time...and we didn't even know the other was reading that book. And this is the second time it's happened :) It's also funny that we both can't pronounce the name very well...Suite Francaise. I keep thinking I'm saying it wrong, and we both had different ideas of what "Suite" was. My sister thought it was "suite" as in a hotel or building and I thought it was "suite" as in music. You don't really find out unless you read the back section of the book which is about the author and the creation of the book. I'd like to point out that I was right ;) If you don't know about this book, the author was a well known author a the time and was writing about occupied France during World War II while it was going on all around her. It's not a diary, like Anne Frank, but I'm sure events or episodes in the book happened around her in real life. However, like Anne Frank, she was sent to a concentration camp and did not survive the war. The book was never finished. Read the back section of the book to find out how her daughters saved the book. I have to say that it took me a while to read, I think because I was not in the mood for a heavy's not really that heavy but obviously it's subject matter is. I wasn't thinking much about it but towards the end of the book I was so sad that it was never completed because I wanted more. I definitely recommend this book...amazing.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

All's Quiet in the Elevator

So I noticed one thing today about the crazy chaotic noise of New York City. I was out on Park Ave during lunch and there's sirens, swat team (and dog), people chatting to each other and on the phone, people almost getting run over because they are in such a hurry...basically pure craziness. Even in the building there is constant chatter and clippity clop of high heeled shoes. But the minute you step into the elevator, pure silence. Even if you are crammed in there with ten people...still pure silence. It's amazing and kind of a little bit of a relief.

Mid-term Madness

So I'm finishing up my Website Development class's mid-term tonight. I've been cramming my brain with terms like "DNS" "CSS" "Folksonomy" and "wayfinding". Bored yet? :) Robb is being sweet and going to fix dinner tonight so I can study and is staying out of my hair and will be playing God of War. I have to say I'm a little jealous. We've also decided to do yet another week of FreshDirect. FreshDirect is a cool company where you can buy meals, produce, meat, etc. and it is delivered to your door. And so one of the reasons why we live on the island instead of another borough....

Book Update - The Great Man

Book Blog

So we have a friend in town who works at a prominent publishing company. The employees often get tons of copies of a single book, copies of books they don't get around to reading, or whatever happens at a publishing company. I obviously don't know because I don't work there. BUT!!! He's been raiding the freebie shelves at work for me and my husband and have grabbed a ton of cool books. So far I've gotten for free: On Chesil Beach, Thirteen Moons(now a huge favorite of), and am currently reading The Great Man. The Great Man is a book about the death of a fictional artist in New York (old age) and the women (wife, mistress, sister, daughers) in his life. So far it's not a book I would have picked but it is keeping me interested.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Three months and a few days

I have to post these because I love these and because I can never get Robb in a photo :) Robb and I were married in Las Vegas (we were living there at the time) on June 26th. We had a lovely little wedding with close friends and family. He truly is the love of my life.

Betty Days

So I don't watch TV too often for various reasons:

A) I am way to antsy
B) I never can remember when shows come on and
C) I like movies better.

Having said that, I am addicted to the show Ugly Betty. That show cracks me up. I started watching it on lunch breaks in my cubicle at my job in Las Vegas. Good tip, you can watch lots of show episodes on ABC's website. It was so funny because she's an assistant and I was an assistant. She lived in New York and I was moving there. Also, because it's just plain darn funny. I missed yesterday's season premier but Robb taped it for me so he could watch the football game. I had to do homework anyway...which I ended up not doing, to practice my karaoke. Hey...I have to keep my priorities straight :) Anyway...if you ever get the chance to check it it...and tell me who your favorite character is.

St. Bart's (No the Other St. Bart's)

Only in New York

Ok, so I work as a receptionist (temp-perm) in a building off of Park Avenue and Lexington. It's a block from the Waldorff-Astoria hotel...basically a swanky part of town where there is no casual Friday and ties are always required. Looking down from the twenty-nineth floor I see the roof of St. Bartholomew's Church...very cool looking church, mind you. They even have a cafe out front. Nice. But looking down on the building you can see their children's playground on the roof...ON THE ROOF!!! Yet again, one of those things you only see in NYC.

Karaoke Days & Karaoke Nights

So after moving to New York, my husband and I have now become official fans of Karaoke. Our friend is a professional singer and Robb can actually sing...and is super loud at it too :) He loves the mike...he totally hams it up. He starts talking to the waiter...announces that a white volvo in the parking lot has left its lights's so hilarious. We mostly get a private room and just have fun for a couple hours...but the other night Robb sang for the first time in front of people. I just go along for the ride, but I've actually been practicing...I'm thinking I may be able to pull off a Norah Jones song. So I'll let you know when I finally do try one and how it goes. Wish me luck!!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Book Update - Places In Between

Book Blog

So I am currently reading and almost done with The Places In Between by Rory Stewart. During January of 2002, Rory walked across Afghanistan in the path of a famous 15th-century emperor, Babur. There are two interesting aspects of this event which are 1) He did the walk during winter (remember US troops trained in the mountains of Colorado to prepare for the Afghanistan winter and terrain) and 2) It was 2002 after 9/11 and the fall of the Taliban. Honestly I am not a fan of people doing stupid irresponsible things, risking their lives and others, for the sake of adventure. Key points: The death of Christopher McCandless in Alaska (Into the Wild) and the deaths of Timothy Treadwell and his girlfriend on Kodiak. However, Rory did actually have a point...he had walked across Iran, Pakistan, India, and Nepal. He understood more culture and language than most. He already had this plan and the war and season just got in his way. I recommend the makes you think and ponder why it has not been read by some of the higher ups in our government...not naming any names.


So I have moved all over the US growing up and I thought when I went to college I would settle down in one place. Nope...I attending Five undergrad schools and one graduate school who's town I haven't even seen (online classes are so so nice). Needless to say, my husband went to undergrad at Auburn and I am now a full-blown Auburn fan. If you've never been to, heard of, or seen a college football game in the South...I suggest you go to one...they are one of the craziest sights I have ever seen. And for all those who like college football, I just want to say GO AUBURN!!!! for winning that awesome game against Florida Gators at the swamp.

Begin to Hope

Music Blog

So I am currently listening to and addicted to Regina Spektor's new album Begin to Hope. It's a lovely little album from a girl from New York. If anyone is interested...her website has a music player that plays her entire album. Very very cool...wish more bands did that. It is at: