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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Two Blog Awards!

I recently got this award again from two great bloggers. Go check them out!
Planet Books: Your World Wide Online Book Club
Seriously...I just saw this post on her site and my stomach is rumbling. Mmmm.
Stephanie...I love your blog and I desperately want to watch the Lost in Austen series too. If you figure it out, let me know!

I read WAY too many blogs but here's just a few that consistenly make my day:

Heather at Age 30 - A Year of Books

Katherine (fellow New Yorker) at A Girl Walks Into a Bookstore

Emily (fellow New Yorker) at books, the universe, and everything

Book Chronicles who I think has an impressive "to-read" stack

Lisa at Books.Lists.Life who gives great advice

FyreFly's Book Blog (I love your blog header)

Monniblog who's cat cracks me up

Trish at Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin'?

Brainella the Librarian

Bree at The Things We Read

Nymeth at Things Mean a Lot who's just plain awesome

Azull at Through the Eyes of Me who's making me want to get a pumpkin spice latte

Jill at Under the Dresser who has a great blog title, sense of humor, and will be coming to NYC

Andi at Tripping Toward Lucidity: Estella's Revenge

The first two blogs I started reading:

Confessions of a Real Librarian
Click. The Good News

And last but not least...

Dennis's Diary of Destruction who I'll never give a pillow to but who kicks hedjhog army butt

**Note: Ok that really wasn't a "short" list...I know I read too many blogs.

Here's a link to my other favorite "non-book" blogs.


  1. You've totally made my day. You ROCK!

    And yes, I read way too many blogs, too...I just can't help myself!

  2. awe..I'm on your list. Thank you that means a lot. I often wonder if anyone reads it!!

  3. Hi! Karen at Palnet Books here. I know you know this already (since I nominated you and all) but I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I am a D.C. girl myself (grew up in Silver Spring, MD just ten minutes from the D.C. line) and reading your blog and all the fun things you do in NYC makes me homesick for the city.
    BTW, those Peanut Butter Whoopie Pies were delicious and surprisingly easy to make. You can find the recipe at:

    I used Skippy PB because I didn't have any Natural PB in the cupboard.


  4. Thank You!!! I love reading your blog too. I'm living vicariously through you.

  5. Thanks so much, Amanda! I love your blog too :) YOU are awesome :D

  6. hello amanda its dennis the vizsla dog hay thank yoo so much for putting me on yore list and giving me this award but why wood you not want to giv me a pillo???? i wont shred it reely i wont it is the gofers and aliens and hedjhogs hoo do it i sware!!! ok bye

  7. Thank you dear! And actually in about five minutes when my pre-scheduled post actually posts I'll be reciprocating the award. :D

  8. Thanks for the shout out! I tooootally *heart* your blog!

  9. Yay! :-) SOMEBODY reads my ramblings!

  10. Thank you so much!! :)

    I love your blog too - I enjoy your book reviews and it's so much fun to read your posts about the city. I like to see your great photos of places that I love too, and discover new places that I should check out too!

  11. Thank you so much! I've been really behind on my reading and commenting - sorry I haven't acknowledged this before now.

    I promise to post about it on my site later this month ... too much going on to do it right now. But THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  12. Yeah, you can watch the first of four episodes over at YouTube (it's still in bits and pieces, but worth watching), and then see the ENTIRE episodes 2,3&4 over at It's a really fun miniseries and worth watching, even if you have to do it online!

  13. Thank you!
    I love to get little awards but then struggle so much with who to awared them to. I will give it a shot though!


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