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Monday, September 29, 2008

Night at Columbus Circle

Here's some more posts from the other night as the Gotham Sky night. We were at Columbus Circle about to hop on the subway and I couldn't resist taking some fun photos. If you are at Columus Circle, you are on the West Side at 59th Street, and right on the lower corner of Central Park:

Remember the creepy clouds?:

And of course my husband had to stop and get something to eat from a street vendor. Boy, the stuff smells great but my stomach can't handle it well. But here's a classic NYC scene:

I held the camera low and used the "no flash" option. Hehehe...sneaky:

And a shot of the Columbus Circle monument (and Time Warner headquarters) from the street vendor:

I love that the shops surrounding the circle are curved. Here's a great shot of it:

There are a ton of great shopping in the area...Best Buy, Whole Foods, and other "mall" stores. I love going in there during Christmas because of all the decorations. And I love the fountains near the monument. I just learned they were done by the same people who did Bellagio's fountains in Las Vegas. Too cool!

I also just learned that you can see Columbus's three ship on the monument: The Nina, The Pinta, and The Santa Maria. The things we learn...
Here's one of my favorite shots:And of's the Globe thing...

Hope you enjoyed the trip around Columbus Circle!

***Note: I orginally titled this post "Night at Columbus Square". Sigh. Quite odd since I know's it's called Columbus Circle...and it's a circle. Has this day (read the news if you don't know what I'm talking about) worn any one else out? My current job is at a financial investing company (I won't tell you which one) so it's obviously causing quite the stir.


  1. Great pictures! I've been to Columbus Circle but never at night.

    Yeah, yesterday was a stunner, wasn't it? :-o

  2. Love your photos. Question for ya - now remember this is coming from someone whose never been to NY - how do you get stuff home from stores since everyone walks or uses subway? Seriously, I would not be buying a computer or grocery shop for a week and carrying it home. That's a lot of heavy crap. How do you do it?


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