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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

NYC Cafe - Summertime only!

My husband surprised me the other weekend by taking me to a little cafe that is only open during the summer season and is in a pretty cool location.

If you are on the Upper West side of Manhattan, walk West as far as possible on 79th street. You'll cross under Riverside Drive and go under a green bridge. This is looking back under the bridge:
You might be wondering where you are going. But no fear. Up ahead you'll see this:
It's the Boat Basin Cafe! This year (according to their website) it's going to be open until the end of October, weather permitting. You can sit under the blue umbrellas or inside the under the road where they have tons of lights hanging and a few bars. We decided to walk through the under road part to the back side where you can sit outside with views of the Hudson.

In case you wanted a closer view of the Jersey shore:
And just a random street shot walking back:
Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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