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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Charlie Sleeps Weird

Both of our big dogs sleep in our room with us. I know this is going to scare my family (I'm allergic to dogs actually) but what can you do, right? I like it. They both have nice new dog beds so the whole family is crammed in one little room. This also cuts down on air conditioning costs since we only have to turn on our room's air during the night.

But for some reason, Charlie always gets up and sleeps somewhere weird. Usually in front of the bedroom door. I think he's being our guard dog. But the weird thing is he looks so uncomfortable.

What do you think?
I think my head and neck would start hurting.
Do your pets sleep weird?


  1. One of my cats sleeps strangely. She always wants to sleep with me (the other one always sleeps at the foot of the bed), but she has all sorts of odd places she wants to sleep, possibly depending on the temperature. There was awhile where she was cuddling up at my waist, then she was sleeping between my legs (she would start between my feet then keep working her way up until it would get uncomfortable and I would wake up and move her), and now she's sleeping around my head on my pillow.

  2. Your Charlie looks a great deal like my Jasmine ... they could be siblings! I'll have to take a picture of her and send it over to you to see if you agree. :)

  3. Jen -- That is hilarious. Cat's are just great animals. I'd have a couple but I'm deathly allergic :(

    Heather -- I sent you an email so I can see Jasmine. I'd love to see Charlie's sibling :)

  4. You've been by Dennis's blog, so you already know the answer to that question! ;-)

  5. Yep he really does look squashed against the wall! My cats both sleep oddly. Morgaine has taken to sleeping on her back with her paws in the air and Merlin just sleeps wherever he drops (usually on a bag or book I am trying to read).

  6. Dennis -- I've seen your photos of you taking the pillows off the couch to sleep on. That is just too cute.

    Rhinoa -- I've only ever caught Charlie laying on his back for no reason a few times, and it just cracks me up. That's adorable how they sleep. Cats are cool.

  7. when I had big dogs, they slept weird like Charlie too. It gives me a neck ache just looking at it. My little dog loves to sleep on blankets and pillows. Especially if they are stacked up so he looks like King of the Pillow Mountain. He's crazy.

    Rhinoa - my cats do the same thing. What's up with that? As soon as I open a book my one cat has to lay directly over the book. And then look at me as if I did something wrong. Cracks me up.

  8. My Cocker Spaniel likes to sleep under pillows, buried in the couch or spread eagle on his back.
    Maybe Charlie has a stufed up nose like I do this week and has to prop his head up in order to breathe while sleeping. :)


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