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Friday, September 5, 2008

Charlie is a Couch Potato

My dog Charlie (who's official full name is "Charlie Dog") loves watching T.V.

Now there's some people out there who might think that dogs can't really see the screen.

I beg to defer. Charlie will sit and watch t.v. with us. Of course he has his favorite movies and shows.

For instance, he really liked watching Disney's Eight Below about a dog sled team.

Sometimes when my husband plays video games, Charlie will go right up to the screen and put his nose on it.

So what is Charlie watching here????

It's the 2008 Puppy Games on Animal Planet. His favorites are the water games and soccer games.

Does your pet watch T.V.??


  1. LOL. That's so cute! Our cats don't really watch tv although they get pretty excited about the cursor moving over a dark screen. ;)

  2. Too Cute!!! The previous dog we had loved to watch TV and we always put the Animal channel on for them when we left the house. Its seemed to calm them so they wouldnt destroy the latest pillow or blanket I had bought and put on the couch.

  3. does anyone know if there is going to be a 2011 puppy games? love the dog pics! SO CUTE!!


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