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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Walk in the Park

My sister has become an avid reader of my blog. I think it's super cute. So today I got a chastizing email saying that I haven't posted anything lately and if I had fallen off the face of the earth. So here you go sis :)

This weekend was pretty slow. It decided to dump buckets of rain Friday and Saturday so we were stuck at home Saturday contemplating going out but then just taking naps instead :) So Sunday we decided to get motivated and went on a three hour walk with the puppies and our New York friend. Our trip took us up through Inwood Hill park, along the Hudson River, past Fort Tryon Park, to Fort Washington Park, back through Fort Tryon Park and home.

Things I saw and/or did:

1) Partially sunken sail boat (not toy)
2) Make-shift bed consisting of mattress, umbrella, and fallen log as a ceiling
3) Train tracks (that we ran over for a few terrified and dragging Charlie)
4) Red lighthouse

So I was still too terrified from running on the Amtrak tracks to take photos of anything but the last item. I seriously had to contemplate what I would do if a train to the other side or stay, grab hold of the fence, and hope Charlie and I were not blown under the train. Robb thought I was silly...well slightly silly.

So here's my photos:

Red leaves with George Washington Bridge in the background:

The bridge again:

Tired puppies (Anna's licking her nose):

The little red lighthouse:

Our friend enjoying the view:

Oh what a pretty day:


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