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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Blog Roll

In the process of updating, please come back.

Check out some of my favorite blogs (bookish ones and others). Enjoy!

Book Blogs
A Bohemian's Book Reviews [link]
A Book Blog. Period. [link]
A Bookish Way of Life [link]
A Bookshelf Monstrosity [link]
A Fondness for Reading [link]
A Girl Walks Into a Bookstore [link]
A High and Hidden Place: Tales of a Capricious Reader [link]
A Novel Menagerie [link]
A Reader's Journal [link]
A Reader's Respite [link]
A Striped Armchair [link]
Adventures in Reading [link]
Age 30 - A Lifetime of Books [link]
Alabama Book Worm [link]
Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings [link]
At Home With Books [link]
Bart's Bookshelf [link]
Becky's Book Reviews [link]
The Biblio Blogazine [link]
Bibliolatry [link]
Bibliophile By the Sea [link]
Bloody Hell, It's a Book Barrage! [link]
Bold. Blue. Adventure [link]
Book-a-rama [link]
Book Bath [link]
Book Blab [link]
Book Chatter and Other Stuff... [link]
Book Chick City [link]
Book Club Girl [link]
Book Escape [link]
Bookfinds [link]
Bookfoolery and Babble [link]
Booking Mama [link]
The Book Lady's blog [link]
Books.Lists.Life [link]
Booklust [link]
The Book Nest [link]
Book Nut [link]
Bookphilia [link]
Books and Bards [link]
Bookshelves of Doom [link]
Books I done Read [link]
Books 'N Border Collies [link]
Books on the Brain [link]
Books Please [link]
Books, the Universe, and Everything [link]
The Boston Bibliophile [link]
Brainella the Librarian [link]
Breeni Books [link]
Brews and Books [link]
The Burton Review [link]
Caribousmom [link]
Confessions of a Real Librarian [link]
The Courtier's Book [link]
Crazy-for-Books [link]
The Dairi Burger [link]
Dani's Book Shelf [link]
Dog Ear Diary [link]
Devourer of Books [link]
Drey's Library [link]
Eden.Malum.Urbs [link]
Enchanted By Josephine [link]
Fashionista Piranha [link]
Favorite PASTimes [link]
Five Borough Book Review [link]
Free Book Friday [link]
From the Desk of Bee Drunken [link]
Fyrefly's Book Blog [link]
GalleySmith [link]
Girlebooks [link]
Great Books and Fresh Coffee [link]
Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin'? [link]
Hist-Fic Chick [link]
Historical Boys [link]
Historical Fiction [link]
Historical Tapestry [link]
In Spring it is the Dawn [link]
In the Shadow of Mt. TBR [link]
Just a (Reading) Fool [link]
Karen Essex [link]
The Lady Gwyn's Kindgdom [link]
The Last Word [link]
Leafing Through Life [link]
Library Queue [link]
Linus's Blanket [link]
The Literate Housewife [link]
Lost in a Good Story [link]
The Luscious Literary Muse [link]
Maggie Reads [link]
Masha [link]
Maw Books Blog [
Medieval Bookworm [
Minds Alive on the Shelves [
Monniblog [
Muse Books Reviews [
Musings of a Bookish Kitty [
My Friend Amy [link]
Nothing of Importance [link]
The Novel World [link]
Online Publicist [link]
Out of the Blue [link]
Passages to the Past [link]
Pat's Fantasy Hotlist [link]
Peeking Between the Pages [link]
Pinot and Prose [link]
Planet Books [link]
Pudgy Penguin Perusals [link]
Publish or Perish [link]
Read Along with Teabird [link]
Reading Adventures [link]
Reading and Beading [link]
Reading Derby [link]
Reading the Past [link]
Reading, Writing and Ranting [link]
Regular Rumination [link]
Rhinoa's Ramblings [link]
Royal Reviews [link]
Serendipity [link]
Scribe Vibe [link]
She Is Too Fond of Books [link]
Shelf Love [link]
S. Krishna's Books [link]
Socrates' Book Reviews [link]
So Many Precious Books, So Little Time [link]
Starting Fresh [link]
Stephanie's Confessions of a Book-a-holic [link]
Stuff As Dreams Are Made [link]
Tanzanite's Book Covers [link]
Texas Red Books [link]
Things Mean a Lot [link]
The Things We Read [link]
The Thrillionth Page [link]
Through the Eyes of Me [link]
Ticket to Anywhere [link]
TLC Book Tours [link]
Today's Adventure [link]
The Tome Traveller's Weblog [link]
Tripping Toward Lucidity [link]
Trish's Reading Nook [link]
Ulat Buku in the City [link]
Under the Dresser [link]
Urban Bachelorette [link]
Where Troubles Melt Like Lemon Drops [link]
The Written Word [link]
Yesterday Revisited [link]
The Zen Leaf [link]

Random Cool Blogs
Art Blog By Bob [link]
Austen Prose [link]
Blogul cu umbrela. The period drama addict [link]
Cake Wrecks [link]
Cass Just Curious [link]
Click. The Good News [link]
Color Me Katie [link]
Dennis's Diary of Destruction [link]
Drawing Life [link]
The Earthly Paradise [link]
From the Desk of Bee Drunken [link]
History Buff [link]
James Viscosi's Scribblings [link]
Jane Austen Today [link]
Ladies' Historical Tea [link]
Life at Willow Manor [link]
Lights, Camera...History [link]
Little Breeze [link]
Love and Travel [link]
Museworthy [link]
The Movieholic & Biblio
My Five Men [link]
The Public, the Private
The Raucous Royals [link]
Salt and Chocolate [link]
Scandalous Women [link]
SoJo Life [link]
Stainless Steel Droppings [link]
Unusual Historicals [link]
Van Gogh's Chair [link]
Versailles and More [link]
Writing the Renaissance [link]
You're History [link]
West of Mars - Win a Book [link]

Random New York Blogs

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