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Monday, October 15, 2007

Fairytale in New York

Thinking green today reminded me of this photo I took while Robb and I were walking across Central Park in late July. We were crossing the park to get from the West side, where we were shopping, to the East side to catch the Metro North train back to our neighborhood. NYC terms:

A) East & West refers to either East of Central Park or West of Central Park
B) We usually take the subway (called a train) except on the weekend when our train doesn't run Express (meaning it skips a lot of stops we don't need), then we take the Metro North (an actual train but you don't call it a train you call it Metro North). Confused yet?

Anyhow...I saw this bridge and it contrasted so well with the greenery behind it, it seemed like a little fairyland. With much ado, the photo:

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