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Friday, October 5, 2007

Betty Days

So I don't watch TV too often for various reasons:

A) I am way to antsy
B) I never can remember when shows come on and
C) I like movies better.

Having said that, I am addicted to the show Ugly Betty. That show cracks me up. I started watching it on lunch breaks in my cubicle at my job in Las Vegas. Good tip, you can watch lots of show episodes on ABC's website. It was so funny because she's an assistant and I was an assistant. She lived in New York and I was moving there. Also, because it's just plain darn funny. I missed yesterday's season premier but Robb taped it for me so he could watch the football game. I had to do homework anyway...which I ended up not doing, to practice my karaoke. Hey...I have to keep my priorities straight :) Anyway...if you ever get the chance to check it it...and tell me who your favorite character is.

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