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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Book Update - Places In Between

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So I am currently reading and almost done with The Places In Between by Rory Stewart. During January of 2002, Rory walked across Afghanistan in the path of a famous 15th-century emperor, Babur. There are two interesting aspects of this event which are 1) He did the walk during winter (remember US troops trained in the mountains of Colorado to prepare for the Afghanistan winter and terrain) and 2) It was 2002 after 9/11 and the fall of the Taliban. Honestly I am not a fan of people doing stupid irresponsible things, risking their lives and others, for the sake of adventure. Key points: The death of Christopher McCandless in Alaska (Into the Wild) and the deaths of Timothy Treadwell and his girlfriend on Kodiak. However, Rory did actually have a point...he had walked across Iran, Pakistan, India, and Nepal. He understood more culture and language than most. He already had this plan and the war and season just got in his way. I recommend the makes you think and ponder why it has not been read by some of the higher ups in our government...not naming any names.

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