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Monday, October 15, 2007

Care to Care

Back in the day when I was a fairly new internet peruser, I found a site called Care2. It's a great little community site with members who all care about something...the environment, human rights, animal rights, etc. I love love the click to donate area. I try and remember to go to the site and click (you are allowed one click per day). There's a wonderful place to sign petitions, create petitions, and make a difference. Believe me, it actually works. Petitions I have signed have made a difference. I love the group sites...I actually made one myself...but you can join groups for just about every thing. I joined a book lovers type of one and even joined a bookclub! I've signed up for some of the green living tips...check out their recipes...mmmm...and their homemade organic beauty tips. love the site.

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