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Monday, October 15, 2007

Bamboosa Babies

During the last year or so it seems like everyone I know is having a baby. My best friend from high school is having one in March...I told her try for March birthday :) A friend from way back in the day just had a beautiful little baby boy. A good friend who is now living in Virginia is about to pop any day now and a co-worker from Vegas days should be having her little boy any day now. Needless to say I've stocked up on "It's a boy!" and "It's a girl!" "Congratulations!!" type of cards. So naturally I've found a pretty cool eco-site which caters to all these new bundles of joy. It's called Bamboosa. For those not in the know, Bamboo is an exeptional plant. You can make bamboo hard wood floors, bamboo cutting boards, furniture, paper, and even clothing. The great thing about bamboo, though, is that it is:

A) Naturally anti-microbial (which means no chemical treatment)
B) Super fast-growing (think four years compared to 25-70 for other trees)
C) Super renewable and sustainable because of it's growth rate
D) Super duper soft...seriously soft

The little BamboosaBaby gift sets are perfect and come in the prettiest shades of pink, blue, or natural. And they are so soft! And in case you or your friends and family don't have little ones on the way...there are a few items you can splurge on yourself :)

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