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Friday, October 19, 2007

East Side Hopping

Well, tonight I am getting off from work and Robb's meeting me over here on East Mid-town and we are going to find some new place with a good happy hour (wish us luck) :) It has been dumping rain all day - thus me procrastinating and not going to the bank - and I have been enjoying taking photos of the clouds covering the skyscrapers from the 29th floor. I love seeing the clouds roll by my window :) My co-workers probably think I'm nuts for taking pictures...but they are all super nice about me not being from New York City...most people really aren't "from" here anyway. I'll post the photos because tonight it's "movie and date" night...think we are going to pick up some sushi...we got edamame (salty soybeans...seriously they are yummy) and some salad and chicken thing. We are either going to see Vacancy or I may convince him to see Bladerunner. They just revamped it and I missed seeing it on the big screen here in NYC. Arg.

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