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Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Pole's Like Gold

I have am starting to get my commute to work down pat. I only have to transfer once...the A to the E. The E is mad packed in the mornings. We all cram so much into the train cars that often there are masses of people left behind waiting for the next one to come. I have so far been left behind twice. It really gives me a new meaning to the phrase "when push comes to shove". So forget about a seat...those are long long gone. What you desire is the pole or the ceiling railings. Often we are crammed so much that you are left without anything to hold on to. I've held onto lights, ceilings (when I can reach it), and even had to balance for a few stops (I do not recommend this at all). And never never hold on to the air will get tons of black stuff on your hands.

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