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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Twitter Pics Tuesday

The one good thing I noticed about Twitter is that I love posting photos from my phone. I tend not to have my camera on me a lot, since I go places after work or just forget it. So I thought I'd sometimes post some of my Twitter Pics.

My sister was in town for a conference this weekend and had never been to NYC. So we took her out a bit.
Her hotel was right around Times Square so we braved the madness and met up with her there. By the way, the Marquis Marriott Hotel is really huge and gorgeous. And I love Marriott's beds. Here's the view from where we were waiting.

That night we took her down to the Financial District near Wall street. There's a great restaurant/bar called Ulysses that has tables out on Stone Street so you can enjoy the evening. The food was great and so were the huge margaritas :)The next day as the sun was setting, we took her for a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. A definite must-do if you visit the city.We were going to go to the famous Grimaldi's pizzeria which is under the Brooklyn Bridge. But even for a Monday, the lines were crazy long. So we headed into the Heights and ate at a local Italian restaurant. Super yummy food.

And this is a random photo of Tracks. A great place to grab a pint while waiting at Penn Station. The bartenders usually are super nice with thick Irish accents. It has great fish and chips and apparently an oyster bar (I'm allergic so I can't tell you how they are). Anyway, it was a few days after MJ died and it was blasting his music. Thought it was kinda funny.

Those are my Twitter Pics of the week. Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Thank you for sharing such fabulous pics. New York looks so busy and hot.

  2. Your camera phone takes great shots!

    How did you do that links at the bottom of the post? that's neat.

  3. Cool photos. Thanks for sharing. I loving looking at NYC from a "townie".


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