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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

100+ Update for June

I'm a little disappointed I only read 6 books in June. Hmmm.

But then I thought about it and some of the books I read were LONG books.

The first two books were very quick reads and pretty good. Perfect summer reads, Shoot the Moon and Made in the U.S.A., both by Billie Letts.

But then again NYC was super rainy ALL THE TIME this June. So a different type of book was needed. I LOVED Dennis Lehane's The Given Day. I have to read more of his stuff. But it was a long long book. I'm serious. 720 Pages.

Ok. Then I was needing a bit more summery feeling book and Kate Morton's The House at Riverton was perfect. It wasn't insanely long but at 480 pages it was almost a chunkster.

Then I read A Madness of Angels. A good book but I took my time with it. A great book for a rainy city day. But it was 464 pages. Not insanely long but not short either.

And finally Alice McDermott's charming book Charming Billy. A good read and quick read. Not long at all.

I'm almost done with Charles Frazier's Cold Mountain and man is it taking me a long time to finish. Not that I don't like it, it's just one of those books that I want to finish it to the end but it's not that gripping. So it's taking me ages to read it.

**How were your June reads? Do you tend to read a ton of short books or just a few chunksters?


  1. I don't really keep up my month but- June was slow. I haven't finished anything since we went on vacation June 13th! I'm close on a couple, but no dice. I was on a nice little binge there for a while, too.

  2. Most of June for me was taken up with "The Confusion" (book two of The Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson). Now I just have to get through "The System of the World"!

  3. Oh honey, you did better than I did. I only finished 5 books this month ... and two of them were audio book!

    I've got a few others going but June was really a killer for me.


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