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Friday, June 26, 2009

Housing Works Loot

Remember earlier this month when I went to the Housing Works Street Fair? Well, here's some photos from the day.

I love Crosby Street because it's so old school New York with cobbled streets (make for fun walking...I always trip):

I also love all the signs. Like the Live. Work. Create. and the Trucks Must Keep Off This Sidewalk:

The further downtown you go in New York, the more canyon-y feeling you get with the narrow streets.

My method for getting to the books is to sneak in behind the tents. You have to maneuver around the poles and tons of empty boxes on the sidewalk but it's worth it to actually be able to reach the books:

While I wanted to get there earlier in the day, there really isn't a bad time to go because they keep opening more boxes and replenishing the stacks. You never know what you're going to find:

And finally, here's my loot. My wonderful husband helped me lug these around for the rest of the day. So sweet. Oh, and he got a few CDs too.

While we were out and about we popped over to Brooklyn to check out an Etsy sponsored craft fair. I didn't buy anything but it was pretty fun to check out all the awesome crafters and their wares. Most had business cards for their Etsy sites.I'm glad Robb was wearing red that day or I might have lost him in the crowd.The fair was held around this park and in the middle of it all, a soccer (or football for you international readers) game was going on. After wandering around for a while and enjoying the rare June sun, Robb told me it was beer-thirty and so we headed for the nearest dive for a pint. This place (can't remember the name...something with alligator in the name?) gives out free cheese pizzas with your pint. Weird but yummy.
Hope you enjoyed photos of my fair day!


  1. I just love the photos. Thank you for giving us a tour of New York. More pics please. Your House Works fair, looks a bit like our bootsales.

  2. I don't know how I missed the Housing Works fair, so I'm really really jealous. Hopefully I won't miss it next year :) Looks like you had a blast though.

  3. So jealous of your book fair delights. Sounds like you and Robb had a great day.


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