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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Random Me

A short while back my husband decided he was going to sign up for Twitter. This just cracked me up coming from a guy who hates any social site such as Facebook, MySpace, etc. So he had me join too. You can follow me here.

I do have to warn you that I'm really not that good at it yet. It's been pretty boring here recently because all it's been doing is rain rain...and then more rain. And I'm horrible at keeping my phone charged...or using it. But it is nice to sometimes take pictures with my phone. Here's just a couple random ones:

A view from the office one rainy morning. was around eight o'clock in the morning and this is what it looked like...sigh:
And the biggest city rat I've seen so far, taken just up the block from my work:
The view from our seat at our local Shakespeare in the Park...Merchant of Venice was showing (they asked to not take photos of the actual play):
The margaritas we had at Blockheads Burritos (try with delicious stuffed quesadillas) before the Pink Martini show at Carnegie Hall:Do you use Twitter? If so, why did you join?


  1. I just started using Twitter because it seems like a good way to connect with other book bloggers and with authors/publishers. I'm not very good at it yet, either.

    I love your photos!

  2. I joined Twitter a while ago, just to try it out I suppose. I love it now though. I have two accounts now: one for books (@emilylovesbooks) and one for everything else (@chowmeyow) - I followed you on both. :)

    I love connecting with people on both accounts. The book account is especially fun, because I can be really nerdy and talk about books all I want, and everyone I connect with there is just as bookish! Very fun.

  3. Eh, I've seen bigger rats ... ;-)

    I signed Dennis up for Twitter so I could have amusing posts in the sidebar on his blog on subjects that are too short for a full post ...

  4. I'm starting twitter and my blog at the same time. Just figuring it all out. I want to keep up with other book bloggers and friends. I enjoy your NYC perspective.


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