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Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Host - Stephenie Meyer

I decided to finally get around to reading The Host by Stephenie Meyer as my last selection for Carl's Sci Fi Reading Challenge. I finished it back in February, so it still counts, even though I'm a bit late in posting my review.

So what am I going to say that hasn't already been said on a ton of reviews? I think Stephenie Meyer did improve a bit in her writing skills but she still isn't the greatest writer in the world. However, she does have a way with characters and I did love the idea for the story.

The idea is that the planet has been invaded by aliens. But in all appearances, the world is the same as it always was. Aliens are implanted into the heads of the humans and take over their lives. They still work, go to school, have children, and sometimes even keep their host body's name. They have come to take over because they think we are not doing a good job with our lives and the planet. And they are all things good and peaceful. They call themselves souls.

So the story is told through the eyes of one of these souls named Wanderer (since she's been to so many different planets and lived in hosts). She's been inserted into the body of Melanie Stryder - up until that point one of the last people on earth still resisting the invasion. But Melanie doesn't entirely disapear. Wanderer can still hear her thoughts and frustrations. And Wanderer and Melanie can talk to each other. Melanie is still trying to protect her brother and her love interest, Jared, from getting into the hands of the aliens. And through Melanie's thoughts and memories, Wanderer becomes more sympathetic to the human's plight.

I did like this story. Like other Stephenie Meyer novel, though, I do think that with good writing and editing, the story could have been cut in half from it's large over 600 page size. But I do love that the reader really sympathizes and loves the alien host. That's a great twist. I still think it could be classified as a teen novel. But whatever it is, it's can be a great introduction to the sci-fi genre for people who don't normally read it.

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  1. I enjoyed this book too and agree that with proper editing, it would have cut this book into half. Have you read twilight? I think there are some similarities between The Host and Twilight though and I was already able to predict Myers writing style when reading The Host. I hope her next book will be different. If you're interested you can read my review on my blog. :)

  2. This one's on my to-read list, although I'm staying well away from the Twilight series ...


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