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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Where I Find Books

Remember back when I held this contest, I threatened that if no one wants my books they will be stuck on my apartment basement's bookshelves. Well here's the dungeon:We are lucky Manhattan-ites who have in their building A) an elevator and B) a laundry room. I was so excited to find a bookshelf in the laundry room...although I've NEVER seen anyone just sitting around waiting for their laundry. Our building has great people and we are all pretty trusting.
And here's just up from the laundry room. Yet ANOTHER bookshelf.
Aren't the decorations great! I love that our building makes an effort. I've found quite a few little gems in these two bookshelves. And of course I've left a few books.Just another place I find my books.


  1. I love it. A building of book lovers. I like the idea of growing a library. I should try something like that in my building. Just to see what happens if I were to put a small bookcase and a few book.

  2. I love it too! Definitely a great place for book lovers.

  3. The first picture of the laundry room is creepy. I can see why you call it the dungeon. The other pictures seem all warm and cozy but hanging out in the basement??? Not sure about that. It could be an escape place though if your apartment's crazy loud and you just want to get away. It so cool that the residents participate in the bookshelf thing.


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