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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What to do

Obviously I am procrastinating. I have a TON of homework to do and since I've been under the weather my brain has turned to mush. I just re-read the text book lines over and over and over.

So while I try to understand the six phases of the Database Life Cycle (DBLC), head on over to Old Red Barn Co. and try and win one of three quilts. For FIFTY extra entries you can do a YouTube video for it. I would LOVE to make people do something like that.

Also head over to The Handmade Quilt for a chance to win another quilt. This one is for a good cause.

By the way, how does Old Red Barn Co. get such nice photographs...where does she live and what kind of backyard is this:
Seriously, if we had a backyard, it would have dead grass, dead trees, and a dog or two tugging on the quilt. Sigh...

O wait...we used to have a backyard (in Las Vegas). Let's see how it looked:
Hmmm. Dead grass, check. Dead tree, check. Dog or two (Charlie and his little buddy Koa), check. Hmmm...maybe I shouldn't win a quilt.


  1. They do have such lovely quilts. Is that your place in New York?

  2. If your dogs are going to destroy a quilt, it might as well be one that you won instead of one that you paid for. ;-)

  3. Monica -- that was a place we were living at in Las Vegas. It's pretty hard to maintain grass there :)

    Dennis -- too true.


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