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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Empire State Building - Lights

I can't believe how dark it gets here at night now. I'm still at work for another hour and a half and it's already dark. Sigh. I'm actually lucky though because for some of my day I have a view of Mid-Town East about thirty floors up. I like looking down on the chaos a lot.

So I'm sitting here and from different angles I can see the Empire State Building AND the Chrysler Building. (My favorite is still the Chrysler Building). And I notice that the Empire State Building is lit up, not with the usual green and red, but with purple. Hmm. Weird.

So of course I Google it. Apparently the purple and white is in honor of the March of Dimes.

I didn't see the building at night yesterday, but apparently it was red, white and blue in honor of Vetran's Day and the Intrepid Museum Re-Opening. My brother will like to know that. Last year when he came to visit, he walked all the way down to the pier where the Intrepid is supposed to be...and it was gone. It's been MIA for renovations.

Tomorrow until November 25th, the Empire State Building's lights will be all white.

Here's our secret place we go for drinks and a view of the building.


  1. I saw the red, white & blue yesterday when I was in the city at a doctor's office. It was really beautiful.

  2. Although it's never really "dark" in NY because there are so many lights. :-P

    But I hear you because the lack of natural sunlight leaves earlier and earlier. It's now dark when I leave at 5-5:30 instead of being semi-dark or even light at certain parts of the year. IT gets kinda depressing.

  3. Great pictures, that would be neat to see the building w/all the different colors. Keep the pics coming!

  4. Today is the 9th of December 2008 and we (John & Amanda) were looking back to see if there was anything about the ESB from the 13th of Nov because I (John, 50 years old) proposed to Amanda (Her actual 50th Birth date) on that date on top of the ESB. It would have been nice if anyone else had seen it. A dutch couple took some amazing photos for us but we forgot to take their name!! How stupid!! We loved the place and will be back same time next year!! So hello to all New Yorkers!!


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