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Monday, November 10, 2008

Run - Ann Patchett

I found a hard cover copy of Run by Ann Patchett at the 96th Street Library Branch. It was missing it's jacket so I assume this is the cover it had. I don't think the cover says much about the book. I always thought it was bubbles or water (it's snow...I think). I wanted to read this after reading Bel Canto this year. Oops, just realized I never reviewed that one either.

I was a little nervous because Bel Canto was pretty sad. And I didn't really know what Run was about. So I just gave it a go.

I honestly liked Run. It wasn't what I was expecting. But I can also see why people might lose interest in the book.

My synopsis:
Bernadette Doyle has always wanted a large family. Coming from an Irish family, that's just what she was used to. So after having a son and finding it impossible to have more children, the Doyles adopt a child. He's African American and shortly after his adoption, the birth mother decides her two children should be together and her older fourteen month old son lives with the Doyles as well.

The two boys, Tip and Teddy grow up as the Doyle's children and never look back or wonder about their birth mother. Bernadette died when the children were younger and they pay homage to the memory of the mother they knew, not the one they didn't. One winter night, worlds collide when a car accident brings together the Doyle family and the family Tip and Teddy never knew.

While this story is sometimes slow, I thought it was very moving. I really liked the characters and the struggles they went through. While it touches on religion, race, politics, and family I honestly thought the family aspect was what made the book. And I thought her writing was very visual. I could imagine the scenes as if they were in a movie. And while there are sad aspects in the book, I never felt like it was a sad book. It's one of those books when you finish the last paragraph and smile because it all worked out ok.

But I could see that the slowness of the book might be a turn off. And it's about character development, not so much as action. So if the characters or writing didn't draw you in you might be tempted to quit.

I thought this cover was more telling about what the story was about:And while a little girl plays a huge part in the story, it's set in the winter so this is a pretty poor choice for a book cover:Also Reviewed By:
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  1. How great that you posted 3 various covers for *Run*!

    My cover was the first one (bubbles/snow). Interestingly, it has the same colors as my cover to *Bel Canto*

    I agree, the second cover does the best job of giving a glimpse of what the book is about.

    I hadn't seen the third cover; it does seem a big mis-match.

    Thanks for the analysis :)

  2. I reviewed this a while ago. I wasn't so fond of it, but I can see why other people might like it.

  3. Hmm ... maybe it's a picture of winter in Key West? My vampire book is set in winter in the Northeast, but the cover has a picture of a palm tree at night. Fortunately the picture is so dark that pretty much all you can see is the moon. If anyone ever notices that it's a palm tree and calls me on it, I'll claim it's from the prologue, which is set in North Carolina. ;-)

  4. I couldn't get into Bel Canto for some reason, but I heard Patchett interviewed on NPR around the time this one came out. I hope my library has a copy.

  5. Great review. Even though its a bit slow, it does sound good.


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