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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Schenectady Stroll

The weekend before Halloween, my husband and I went to Schenectady, New York for my husband's FE exam. We thought it would be nice to get out of the city and to take the pups. Unfortunately it rained almost ALL of Saturday. But that's ok. I still took the pups on a nice long walk through a nearby park, Vail Park. I was thoroughly creeped out, as you will see, so I had to bring my husband back on Sunday. While the photos were taken on a nice sunny day, imagine walking this in the rain and fog...oooo....

Welcome to Vail Park:Seriously...I've only seen gates likes these in movies. The ones where you enter and are safe from witches, mummy's, and all things that go bump in the night. Hallowed ground sort of stuff.

After walking past a nice gazebo and a children's playground, I entered the forest:Beautiful right? Until I came upon this alongside the trail:
Hmmm. "Who were the Potters?" I wondered? (Obviously not "Hairy" as someone wrote/defaced).

Then I came upon more:
Does anyone know what the symbolism is behind the draped vases?

Or why some of the plots are in a circle? Maybe all one family?:
I love some of the beautiful crosses and stonework.
But it was still a bit creepy:
I kind of felt like Dracula was going to pop up at any moment:
Especially when I saw this:Doesn't it remind you of the movie Sleepy Hollow where the horse comes out of the tree?

And the trail finally ended at a much larger, more maintained cemetary:
I know those are just leaf piles...but still...

Even though I didn't get around to this post until after Halloween, I still hope you enjoyed the walk through Schenectady's Vail Park!


  1. Fabulous Blog! And gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. That cemetary is cooler than cool. Thanks for posting.

  3. That would definitely be scary in the rain and fog! And since reading Dracula I can totally imagine the scene where they are digging up Lucy's body ...

  4. WOW! Those are beyond gorgeous!

  5. beautiful pictures, I'd love to walk around there.

  6. What a great but creepy place to walk. Beautiful pictures.

  7. Wow, great pictures! We would have totally gone walking there on one of our many visits to Schenectady if we had known about it -- we love old graveyards.


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