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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Voted

Last night an hour before the polls closed, the husband and I walked the dogs and I popped in to vote. Really, it's the best time to lines at all which was NOT the case in the morning.

Here's some things I learned about voting in NYC:

1) They don't give out "I voted" stickers. Aww. It's the little things, really.

2) And I've never voted via levers and toggles. Seriously, check this out (photo taken from this blog):

Are you kidding me? How old school is that? First you pull that red lever all the way to the right to start voting. Then you flip the toggle/switch thing to check who you are voting for. Finally you pull the red thing back to the left to cast your vote. Wow. I'm glad I watched this guy's video (he's from my 'hood) before I went so I would know how it works.

Regardless of which candidate won, I am just excited to see what the next four-year term brings.

Even the puppies are excited (we were non-partisan in picking out the toy...they just liked the elephant..):


  1. The first presidential election I got to vote in, I was voting in NY and got to use one of those machines. I was having too much fun with it, I think - treating it like a slot machine with the giant lever, except if you win, your candidate becomes president!

    Pushing buttons on the little electronic voting machines is not nearly as satisfying as *chunk*-ing that lever around.

  2. LOL ... my wife and I always thought everybody everywhere used these machines, until the 2000 election and all that nonsense in Florida. Then we were like, "Paper ballots? Seriously?" Now, of course, we know what a crazy patchwork of voting methods exists in this country!

  3. Too bad about the stickers! I was really excited to get mine--really wanted to grab several but the kind people at the voting place looked at me a little funny. They may have thought I was "special" :P


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