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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Duel Review Coming Soon

My husband and I are currently working on a duel review of a book called Swimming Inside the Sun by David Zweig. We thought it would be interesting to give a guy's and girl's perspective of this book. Does this sound interesting?

Here's the synopsis from the back of the book:

On the verge of success, struggling New York City musician Daniel Green has his life’s dream snatched from him. Despondent, Dan seeks solace and answers from the comforts of women, great thinkers from Marx to Kierkegaard, and the security of rice milk. Suffering from a darkly comical state of extreme self-consciousness, Dan begins to lose his grip on reality, and in a meta-fictional twist, the narrative shifts from first to third-person as his depersonalization peaks. All the while, the signs of his existential dilemma become, literally, the writing on the wall, as his studio apartment is increasingly taken over by The Notes he can’t seem to stop writing. Battling loneliness and a mind that can no longer discern between fiction and real life, Dan’s only hope may be the redemptive force of music. In a culture obsessed with tales of winners’ ascensions to the top, Dan Green’s story, defiantly, irreverently, is about what happens when you fail and the roads you take to figure out what next?


  1. I love that review idea! I don't tI've ever seen a hubby/wife review in the blogosphere before!

  2. The dual reviews sound great!

    The book itself sounds very original and like it might be depressing to read.

  3. Great idea! I can never get my husband to read the same book. Well, that's not entirely true--sometimes he does but he'll never add his two cents to my reviews. Which is odd considering how often he wants to add his two cents otherwise!


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