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Friday, February 26, 2010

Buckets of Snow

It's snowing buckets of snow today in the city. Schools are all closed but yes, I am still at work. So I snagged a couple of photos on my phone during the day.

This is my lovely walk, remember? I couldn't go my normal shortcut up the stairs because they were covered.
Even the sidewalks were covered so I had to walk on the street:
Here's the view from the window during one of the crazy whiteouts:
Here's a slightly less snowy time. I love the snow tiers on the tower behind St. Barts:
I love that we are right next to Waldorf Astoria. Actually, my company owns it which makes it nice when we have our Christmas parties there:
I posted more work window photos back in 2007 here.

Well, today is my last day of work here in NYC. I'll tell you more about it soon!


  1. WOWZA!!! I'm staying my happy a** in the south ;-) It is beautiful though and boy - what a view you've got!!! Sorry to hear that you're leaving? I look forward to the news!

  2. This weather is too crazy. Great photos. Can't wait to hear about your new work venture.

  3. After all that snow, I would be getting out of New York too! Oh, wait, we already did ... ;-)

  4. What do you mean last day? Are you moving? Ooh don't leave us in suspense.

    I love the pictures; I am trying to get my hubby to take me to New York this December. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

  5. I'm in NY, too... in Orange County. We had 3 snow days, and got a total of almost 37 inches of snow! :P

  6. Live the piccies!
    It still looks absurdly cold up there.

  7. Are you moving out of the Big City?!?!


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