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Friday, February 5, 2010

Christmas Photos

I've been in a picture posting mood lately. Ok, a belated picture posting mood. So I thought I'd post our Christmas photos. Yeah. I'm not kidding. This what we did that day in our tiny New York City apartment. We cooked ourselves a feast. Ok. So that sounds really overindulgent of us. Believe me when I say we are STILL eating leftovers thawed from the freezer. And boy does it make for some great soups.

Ok. Here we go...

This is our little living room with our stockings and tree. I found some fun New York City Christmas ornaments at Duane Reade (and proceeded to break two of the four but that's ok). Forgive our wonky broken shades. We also used my husband's mechanical engineering drawings as wrapping paper. As he says, got to save those paper trees.

Here's a bigger version with our pups' stockings as well. And yes, we are recycling a tin can by putting a candle in it.
A Christmas tradition is to drink eggnog. I love eggnog and this is my favorite cup, made by the wonderful Brainella. Go check out her blog and Etsy shop for more fun stuff.
Of course we let the puppies open their stuff first. Here's Charlie with his new toy.I take more photos of Charlie because, well he's mine, and he's so photogenic. Look at those big brown eyes. Poor Anna. I think Robb is just taunting her with the toy.Finally she gets it:Charlie loves to sit or lay on my feet. I got a good picture of him giving me the crazy eyes look:
Then of course, like siblings do, they proceeded to fight over one of the toys while we finished opening up presents:Then it was on to the cooking. My goal was to make home-made cranberry sauce. I used the recipe I found over at She is Too Fond of Books. Absolutely delicious. I urge you to make this ASAP.

You take fresh cranberries: I had to take a close up:
Mix it with apples, pears, cinnamon stick, sugar, juice, etc: Boil it down and you get this yummy concoction. It was gone in about a day or two. Seriously yummy stuff.We also made green bean casserole. A must have for every holiday. In our fun little ethnic hood we couldn't find the traditional French's fried onions so Robb made home-made ones. For Christmas I treated myself to a set of mixing bowls I found at Urban Outfitters. Last time I cooked I had to use extra pots and pans as mixing bowls. So sad. But aren't the colors fun?Robb also made home-made stuffing. I know. We wanted to do it all home-made.Meanwhile I worked on the mashed potatoes (can you believe I'd never made them before?):And of course I made my favorite pie - apple. I make a mean apple pie: Go ahead, you can drool...We made ham AND turkey. I only managed to snap a picture of the ham. We thought, hey, while we are just cooking for us let's do it all so that if we mess up, it's won't be when we are entertaining friends and family. But they both turned out great! I love the turkey bag. That is a must.So this whole thing we managed in our tiny little kitchen. Seriously, when you open the fridge, it only misses the counter by a fraction of an inch. Here it is:Finally, dinner:

I hope you enjoyed our Christmas day pictures!


  1. You just made me so hungry! It looks so good and it looks like you had a deliciously fabulous Christmas :D

  2. It looks fabulous! Can I come next year? ~LOL~

  3. What a great dinner! That kitchen. It reminds me of my first apartment. It was a one butt kitchen and had no counter space. :)

    I thought I recognized that mug from somewhere! Glad you like it!

  4. What great holiday photos. All the food looks yummy and it's nice to see those pictures now in Feb, when a big comfort food meal sounds just great!

  5. And there was me thinking I was full after my prawn and salmon pie. Then you go and make me hungry again.

  6. hello amanda its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am coming to yore playse nekst krismas if that is ok it luks a lot better then krismas heer did!!! ok bye

  7. Wow that's some cooking. I can't believe you made all that from scratch especially in your tiny kitchen. Love the new bowls. Pups give ya the cutest pictures. Your dog is such a ham.

  8. What great Christmas photos! And the food looks delicious.


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