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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Light Up That Tree!

Ok, so I think tonight's the night that the famous Rockefeller Center tree gets lit up (with eco-friendlier LED lights). My husband and I briefly debated on going but then thought better. One reason: hordes of people.

Last year I had to go because Rockefeller Center is just around the corner from where I work so it just seemed like a waste not to go. My husband's co-worker and boyfriend joined us as well and he found us a great spot to watch the tree. We seriously couldn't get any closer.

So, because I am not going this year I thought I'd post a few photos from last year. And just a note: the tree is HUGE! There's even a whole blog/website just for the tree!

Before the tree is lit:

And after:


  1. sigh, if only it could fit into my living-room.

  2. How fun is that! The "holidays in NYC" are on are list of things to do one year...
    That tree looks beautiful.

  3. great photo!

    I agree with your thoughts for this year ... avoid the crowds!


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