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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Picture Perfect?

Today is a gorgeous day in New York City. Not too hot, not too cold, and definitely sunny. Which means that I am, of course, stuck in-doors at work, dreaming of being on a vacation. Which made me remember one of my favorite photos of me (I'm apparently a little vain) on vacation.
Sigh...perfect, right? Well...not so much. It was actually dumping rain that day and I was pretty drenched. I NEEDED that photo though so I had my friend take it. I couldn't sit on the bench because it was drenched too. Although looking back, I was also drenched so the problem was...? I am actually propping myself up with my hands to look like I'm sitting down. We were obvious tourists wandering around the city completely drenched and loving it. remains a favorite of mine.

Moral of the story: Even non-picture-perfect days can be fun.


  1. That's such a nice picture. Definitely worth pretending to sit down on a drenched bench :P

  2. I really like that picture. No wonder it's one of your favorites.

  3. How often does it rain over here? Only on the days you want it not to rain! We do get some sun when the professional forecasters tell it will rain. There is a good chapter about this in Jerome K Jerome’s book ‘Three men in a boat’ at the start of the 20c, nothing’s changed. (Also good advice about not taking other peoples ‘cheeses’ on railway trains.)


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