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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

If you visited...

Last weekend some old co-workers/friends from Las Vegas were in town to see a Yankees game and do some sight seeing. They did the typical ferry to the Statue of Liberty, Time Square, Chinatown, etc. Another one of my old friends from college announced that she will be visiting NYC over New Year's Eve this year.

So this all makes me wonder...for those of you who don't live in the area...if you were to visit NYC (or if you have visited) what are the places and sites that you would want to see and experience? Do you want to see all the touristy things or do you want to do what the locals do?

Please let me know and maybe it will be good excuse to grab my camera (and possibly my husband) and be a tourist for a day or two.


  1. H is going back for his second trip in 2 years. Rockefellar (sp?), UN building, World Trade Center Memorial, Time Square, the Stadiums, Trump Tower.

  2. The last time we were there we did Battery Park, Ellis Island (you just hush about it, New Jersey), Liberty Island, and stuff around that vicinity. We've also done the Empire State Building, the Hayden Planetarium and nearby museums, and wandered around Manhattan. We never got around to the World Trade Center, unfortunately (the towers were still standing the last time we were there). I don't remember if we ever went to Central Park.

  3. Having never visited NYC and really wanting to, I would do both depending on how long your guest is staying. I would want to see the touristy things and see a day-in-the-life of a native. I just found out yesterday that my daughter's orchestra trip for her Junior year may be to NYC. I'm So Excited!!! I told her she'll have to put up with me going. Unfortunately it's not until Spring 2010.

  4. We went a few years ago when my girls were 6 and 7. We did a tour on the double deck bus- rode up on top (they loved that), a carriage through Central Park, went to the top of the Empire State Building, rode the ferris wheel inside Toys R Us in Time Square, rode the Subway to Little Italy for pizza, went to the American Girl Store for tea and a show, checked out Rockefeller Center. We loved all the touristy stuff.

  5. Both times I've been we've definitely done the tourist thing--but we usually go that route anywhere we go. If you do take a tourist weekend--let us know what you discover!


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