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Thursday, August 21, 2008

NYC - Used Book Store

My husband reminded me that the used book store from this post was Alabaster Bookshop. While outside browsing the books, we met a lady walking two HUGE dogs (Scottish Deer Hounds). The dogs were VERY interested in looking in the windows. She explained that they loved watching the store's resident cat who was at the moment curled up and sleeping in the window. Awww. So if you are in the neighborhood, remember to swing by and check it out. In the past I've also found a copy of The Never Ending Story by Michael Ende and High Fidelity by Nick Hornby.

122 4th Ave. (near 12th St.) East Village

Just for fun...can you imagine two of these on the streets of NYC? Their heads were almost over the bookshelves out front:


  1. This is just my kind of bookshop!!! The ones with the overflow books on carts outside the door, stacks of glorious books to the ceiling! Sigh.

    Thanks for stopping by my place today!

  2. A used bookstore with resident animals? What could be more perfect?

    I enjoyed both High Fidelity and The Neverending Story. I hope you do too :)

  3. Holy crap that's a tall dog! No I would not want to see 2 of them walking the streets.


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