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Friday, December 28, 2007

Honeymoon Plans!!

As you may know, my husband and I were living in Las Vegas for about two years. We arranged our wedding plans for June 26, 2007 . But then my husband got a job in New York City and started work in NYC in June. So we had our wedding on a Tuesday and drove out to New York City on a Friday. It's been hectic, crazy, and tough since then. Suffice to say we need a honeymoon. So every paycheck we've been squirrling away some money to save up for it. For my "big" Christmas gift my husband contributed a chunk to our funds :) Yeah!!! So in case you are wondering, we should be having our honeymoon probably in September and it's going to be in Cinque Terre, Italy!!

Cinque Terre means "Five Lands" and from what I've read is similar to the French Riviera. It comprises of five villages with vineyards, beaches, and even a national park...the Cinque Terre National Park. It's apparently pretty secluded so hopefully not a slew of tourists, has great wine, beautiful beaches, sleepy little villages, and is a UNESCO protected area. Preatty cool!

Here's photos of the five villages from their website:

Monterosso al Mare






  1. Wow- that place looks awesome. Congrats on the honeymoon plans- now the tough part is going to be the wait!

  2. OMG!!! How exciting!!! I am so jealous!!!!


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