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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Bagless Resolution

My husband came up with a great New Year's resolution. We are going to go plastic bag free for the year. Right now we have canvass bags from Albertson's grocery store and a few that my mom gave us last year. We even a couple monster bags from IKEA which we use to pick up 20 pound dog food bags from the pet store. But we sometimes forget and then have to use plastic. For instance, I was going to swing by the grocery store after work today to get dinner stuff and forgot to pack the bags. So Robb found some really cool alternatives bags so we can start going bag free. Check out Baggu Bags. We are going to get some because these fold up so nice and compact...which doesn't really happen with our other bags. And they come in fun colors....Robb just made fun of me liking the "peacock" color. I can now use our old canvas bags for recycling bins in our kitchen :)

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