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Monday, December 10, 2007


Exciting news! Thanks to a frequent flyer ticket, cheap one-way ticket, and an awesome brother is flying in from Colorado on Saturday to visit for a whole eleven days! I'm so excited to show him around, see the sites, take cheesy tourist photos, and have him here for the holiday season. So be prepared for lots of posts on NYC and tons of photos. My work even has a holiday party in the office that family is invited to (even Santa will be there). So I'll get to show my husband and brother around the office. Getting married and moving to NYC has been a tad more difficult than I was expecting and lately I've been really missing my family. So I'm super excited...AND my husband and brother can get to know each other better...I mean they both like beer and video games :)


  1. Hey, this is the first I hear of this news?! I am so jealous :)Wish I could be there with you two! I’ll be with you in spirit…think of me when you’re having coffee and going to the bookstore.


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