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Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Days Part I

My husband went snowboarding today with a buddy from work (lucky!) and I got off from work a little early (very lucky and rare!) so I have a little down time to put those photos from my brother's visit to see us. Starting on Sunday...seriously there are a lot of photos.

We picked him up from La Guardia Airport, thankfully I didn't drive and the next day we got on the MetroNorth train near our apartment which goes straight to Grand Central Terminal.

Oh, and being the busy dork that I am, my brother showed me features on my camera that I didn't even know I had. So here's one...we were playing with the "color accent" feature on the train ride :)

Oh and most of these photos are my brother's. He's got a good eye and is super brave about taking photos anywhere anytime. I am learning a lot :) Here's Grand Central Terminal's ceiling which I LOVE!

Here's me taking photos at Grand Central. I think this photo turned out great!

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