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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bad Blogger But Learning

As you might know, my brother is in town so I've been preoccupied with showing him around town, taking lots of pictures, and having a little vacation. I was only able to take Monday off from work so yesterday and today he's been bumming around on his own. He takes little videos which are him chasing pigeons. :) Today he checked out the Today Show and saw Kevin Bacon, Martha Stewart, and Patty Labelle was singing. He was so excited on the phone :) His girlfriend back in Colorado saw him on T.V. and was super excited too.

Another cool thing is that he got a new Canon Digital Elph from me, my sister, and mom which he's been learning how to use and play with. I got my Elph camera last year and didn't realize all the cool features it had so we've both been learning. Yay!! Now more crazy photos! My favorite types are singling out one color while everything else is black and white. Very cool.

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