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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins

I wasn't going to jump on this bandwagon. If you haven't heard, The Hunger Game Series is huge. I mean HUGE. The Hunger Games is the first novel in the series and the second book, Catching Fire, just came out.

So I put a hold on the book at the library and it came in just in time for me to read it for Dewey's Read-a-thon. And O. MY. I loved it. It honestly reminded me of one of my favorite books growing up, Invitation to the Game. If you or your kid like The Hunger Games...check out that one.

Anyway...the story (and please ignore the oddity of the names, because I think most of us think they're a bit silly):

It's the future and what was the U.S. has been demolished and what exists is the Capital (I'm thinking it's Denver) and 12 Districts (District 13 was destroyed). Katniss is 16 years old and lives in District 12 (Appalachia...think Tennessee). She's basically taking care of her little sister and mom because her dad died in a mine explosion/cave-in. To stave off starvation, Katniss sneaks out of the Districts fences and poaches for food with her friend Gale, an 18 year-old guy-friend.

Enter THE GAMES. Once a year the Capital holds The Hunger Games which basically reminds the people that the Capital rules over everything. Every kid ages 12-18 has an entry into The Games. A boy and girl from each district are randomly chosen to represent in The Games, which a duke-it-out Death Game with only one winner.

We know where this is going. Obviously Katniss is the girl representing District 12. To add to the problem, the boy chosen is handsome and nice Peeta who helped her years ago after her dad died.

Why did I like this? I think Katniss rocks. She's taken the hunting skills her father taught her (including her prowess with the bow and arrow) and is now using them to save her life. She knows a heck of a lot about foraging for edible and medicinal plants. It just reminded me of all the books I liked growing up about self-sufficient kids. You know, My Side of the Mountain, Island of the Blue Dolphin, and of course Invitation to the Game.

For some reason I kept imagining The Games to take place in some sort of arena, instead of them being dropped off in the wilderness. And obviously the deaths can be pretty gruesome because, well, you've got 24 kids killing each other in the wilderness.

I immediately made my husband read it. He liked it but I don't think as much as I did. I put the next book on hold at the library and of course we're both going to read it.

Here's an alternate cover which looks more YA:

Here's their idea of Katniss and Peeta. I think they look too young. More 12 years-old than 16+

And I have to say that GalleySmith and My Friend Amy crack me up. They made Team Peeta and Team Gale buttons.

So I'll admit I'm on Team Peeta, although I wish Suzanne Collins had written him as a brunette rather than blond. Just my preference :)
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  1. In my head Peeta is a brunette, and I'm also on team Peeta. :) I haven't read Invitation to the Game, so I'm going to go check that out.

  2. I am glad you joined the cult!! I have the second one sitting on my shelf but have not read it yet. I don't know why but I think it has to do with me wanting the AWESOME to last as long as it can.

    I am also glad that you are part of Team Peeta. None bettah.

  3. I reviewed and enjoyed both of these books but I'm glad that I am comfortable waiting to see how they end. Those kids look way too young though. I will have to forget that I have seen them.

  4. Team Peeta ROCKS!!

    You are too funny, I have to admit I wish Peeta was a brunette as well. For some reason I picture him that way anyway. Many times I even tend to visualize a character a certain way regardless of what description is given in the book.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed this book it is truly my favorite this year along with Catching Fire of course!

  5. Glad to see you enjoyed it too. You will have to read the second one now too.

  6. I loved this one! It's probably one of the few really good books I've read this year. Sadly, when I received the sequel from the library, I couldn't get into it. I'm back on the holds list, though, so maybe I'll have better luck this next time around.


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