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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dewey's Read-a-thon Update 3

Phew. The walk was good. Much needed. Then I remembered I had to go pick up packages from the post office and then hit up the pharmacy on the way home. So I went on another walk. My audio book kept me company. On 17 of 84 with that. And almost done with The Hunger Games.

So this is for Feed Me Seymour! Challenge over at Nicole's blog:

From The Hunger Games:

I shoot two fish, easy pickings in this slow-moving stream, and go ahead and eat one raw even though I've just had the groosling.


Here's what I'm up to now (cool Shakespeare cup compliments of my big brother):


  1. Haha - are those Shakespearean insults I see? I'm not much for Shakespeare in general, but Shakespearean insults are kind of a riot!

    Glad your walk refreshed you - keep up the great reading! =D

  2. AH! Yay for The Hunger Games! I hope you're enjoying it & go, go, go with read-a-thon! You can do it!

    P.S. : I love the 'Thou art a boil, a plague sore' on your mug. Perfect for taking that first sip ;p

  3. that is a cool shakespeare mug. loved hunger games. happy reading today.


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