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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


One thing that has totally taken me by surprise is the humidity in this city. Yeah yeah yeah...I know there are tons and tons of places that are super humid but I've never lived in them. I've lived in a lot of dry and arid places in the West so this is a little weird to me.

That said...for all of you living in hot/humid areas...what type of bedding do you use in the summer? We have a super comfy down comforter we use in the winter but it is way way too hot for the summer.

So right now we just use sheets which is really not attractive.

Then I saw this contest for a quilt...very cool!! It's at the Old Red Barn Co.
Or you can click the link on the right...pretty huh?
Or you can head on over to the Back Porch Quilters and let them make your own custom made quilt. Pretty cool.

Whenever I get it all figured out I'll post a picture of our bedroom....until then...


  1. Check out They have lots of blankets & bedding. We bought an "ultralight weight" comforter, even for the winter in Houston ;)

  2. Thank you! I'm looking online at the store right now :)

  3. I second The Company Store. We have a lightweight comforter that we used to use for summers in New York. As for sheets, I think cotton is coolest in the summer. We used to like the high thread-count sateens. (And I know you didn't ask this, but in winter -- flannel!)


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